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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Isabel took this picture of the little boys and me today. I know it is a little soft and a lot off-balance but I ♥ it. It reminds me of when I taught Creative Memories classes and said there were certain pictures you didn't want to crop because of the memories inherent in the background items. Here I see the old milk jug and squeegee Pedro uses for washing the car window every morning (since the morning of his car accident due to the sunlight on the dirty window impairing his vision) ... I see our car (with its $500 worth of new headlights since the day they were stolen in the public parking lot while I had the kids at a doctor's visit) ... I see the huge pile of dirt that is so classically Iquique and which is the lovely view in front of our house ... I even see an army guy (Iquique is home to many) hiking down the pile of dirt home to his family.

And of course, I see my two smiling boys happy to be back with Mommy after my first night away from them since they were placed in my arms four months ago!

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