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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Way They Play

I get so many smiles out of watching Ian and Alec play and interact together. They have developed such a bond and despite their differences in personality are like two peas in a pod. As I've already shared they are very good at getting into mischief together; however, they also have fun inventing their own little games.

For instance, the other night as I was getting them into pajamas they emptied the small green laundry basket in their room and took turns dancing inside it. Then Ian turned it over and sat on it as though it were a car. "Alec! Ven!" he called and soon his brother was trying to squeeze behind him and the poor basket was buckling under their weight. (They've tried the same trick on their little riding cars which hold up under dual passengers much better!)

One morning at breakfast, I cut little squares of cheese for the boys. Ian gobbled his quickly while Alec dallied with his. I sneaked a piece from Alec and gave it to his brother. When Alec protested, Ian very deliberately ate the piece in tiny bites, making an exaggerated biting/swallowing sound with each one. I was sure Alec was going to be furious but to my surprise the two of them looked at each other and laughed hilariously when he was done! (As it turns out, Pedro later told me he plays this game with them sometimes and Ian was just copying what he had seen his daddy do!)

Needless to say, they make us laugh. And of course they feed off the laughter of their parents and siblings, so sometimes their antics escalate quickly! But I am thankful for their joy and zest for life they add to our family. :)

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