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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doctor's Visit

Today we took four of our five kids to the doctor for well visits. For those who follow these kind of stats, here is the scoop on Ian and Alec's growth since they came home:
Ian now weighs 25.5 lbs (6th percentile) and is 3 ft tall (51st percentile.) This is a gain of 2 lbs and a height increase of 2 inches in five months.

Alec now weighs 29.5 lbs (60th percentile) and is 2 ft, 10 in tall (28th percentile.) This is a gain of 5 lbs and a height increase of 3 inches in five months.
The doctor was pleased with their progress in these areas, as they have both grown consistently even if they still show up on the charts as underweight (Ian) and a little short (Alec.) Her main concern, however, is that their iron is very low - in the 40's and 50's when it should be in the 80's. We had hoped to bring this up with iron-rich foods but were not successful so we will need to do iron drops daily for several months.

She urged us that this was very important because if either of the boys were to become sick it could easily lead to anemia. Also, no surgeon will be willing to even consult on Alec's umbilical hernia surgery if his iron levels are not regulated. So that is our next challenge!


Melissa said...

Make sure they have Vitamin C with the iron, it helps the body absorb it.

Praying that the levels will increase!

Ellie said...

Keep an eye on their stools and give them stool softener like ducosate sodium if they get constipated on the iron drops. Also, it's good to give iron drops with vitamin C rich foods.

Terri Fisher said...

Way to go, boys!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see them for myself! It won't be too much longer. Give them hugs for me.

Candis said...

Interesting. Our son came home from Haiti in 2006. He was anemic and in the 3 percentile on the WHO growth charts which we expected. We fattened him up, and gave him iron supplements, but after his course of treatment, he was still iron deficient. He is taking regular children's vitamins with iron and that is working, but I wonder if there is some common thread here with our little Haitian boys.
Oh well. I'm happy to hear your boys are thriving.