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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two Boys, One Regret

I took a nap on the couch today with a sweet warm little boy snuggled on my neck. It was extra special because the times I am able to do so are, well ... practically non-existent. With two little boys each demanding his share of Mommy's attention, I find myself with only one regret and that is my inability to give each of them the individual snuggle time I would like!

Sometimes I feel a little guilty that because they both came home at once neither gets the undivided attention he might have otherwise received. But then I observe how the two of them are practically attached at the hip and the greatest of buddies, and I realize that they have gained just as much in other ways.

At bedtime the boys and I have a little singing/snuggling routine. Again, it has to be shared between the two of them but they seem to be pretty comfortable with it. I sing two songs and pick up a different boy to cradle and rock during each song. It is actually kind of humorous how Ian will wait at the edge of his crib while I rock Alec, and vice versa. The goal is for them to lay down quietly after their turn and for the most part they do pretty well.

During the day, if I sit in the rocking chair Alec will usually be the first to want to climb up. He will take his time rocking with me while Ian clamors to get up and down, up and down. And sometimes both will sit facing forward and lean against me, one on each knee, and we'll enjoy some prolonged rocking together. Those are sweet times, too.

But one-on-one snuggle time to the extent of taking a nap together while the other activities of family life swirl around us?? That is not likely to be repeated anytime soon ... so I will definitely cherish today's extra special memory.

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Carin, priceless child of God said...

So very sweet! You know they don't know any difference... so they really will not miss out on individual snuggle time with you... you are the one that misses that and for good reason. Think of the people that have triplets, quadruplets or even more... the "norm" of life is relavent to each persons life. You are a great mommy. Blessings, Carin