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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Six Months Home

This week we quietly rejoiced in the six-month anniversary of Ian and Alec's homecoming from Haiti. Having Pedro's parents and sister visiting during this time made it all the more sweeter, as we were able to appreciate and enjoy our sons anew through the eyes of their paternal grandparents and aunt who met them for the very first time. Next week my parents arrive and I look forward to their observations about how much the boys have changed since their arrival in January (we had the sweet privilege of sharing those first homecoming days in Florida with them but my parents have not seen the boys since.)

My observations of Ian and Alec at six months are that the two of them seem happy and comfortable in our family unit. They recognize each family member and respond with affection to all of us. They are also comfortable enough now to reciprocate the teasing and "picking" of their older brother and sisters! But between the two of them there has formed an extra-special bond. They are playmates; co-conspirators; rivals; and best friends.

Today I had Alec on my lap and Ian took a small spill in front of us. I gathered him up as well, and with the two of them on my lap I saw Alec stretch his arm across his brother's shoulder in a gesture of comfort and camaraderie. Earlier this week I witnessed something similar as sitting side by side, they had their arms around each other and one was leaning his head on his brother's shoulder. Their relationship is not without its battles but it is so very sweet.

One observation I have recently made concerns their language development. Suddenly Alec seems to be moving forward in this area while Ian seems to have taken two steps back. From his year of intensive language study in Texas, Pedro seems to remember that it is common for the brain to sometimes have to take "time off" to process new language acquisition and that is what appears to be happening with Ian. He is still very verbal but seems to speak more gibberish while Alec is stringing words together (mostly things like "Ian fight" and "Ian bite" and other important pronouncements of the sort!)

It's trite, but on one hand it seems like yesterday that the boys came home and on the other it seems like forever. We have our moments of frustration and our moments of laughter but it is so worth it to finally be together as a family. Thank You, Lord, for this precious gift!

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