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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The "Terrible Twos"

Yes, indeed ... I believe we are entering this infamous stage with our two youngest little boys.

Last week we experienced a "doozy" of a day in this regard. The morning had begun, and the older three kids were off to school. I was getting dressed with an ear to the two little boys playing downstairs. A change in their voices alerted me that they might be up to some mischief, and when I came downstairs I found evidence of that fact ... an empty box of Pepto-Bismol cherry-flavored tablets, a half-chewed package of four, and pink slobbery remnants on the floor and dripping down the shirt of one small person named Ian! Fortunately the package was somewhat child-proof and at most I think he ingested one tablet, but Mommy was not a happy camper - especially since he had eyed up that box on another occasion when it happened to be in sight and had been sternly warned that it was a "no-no!"

But plans are plans, and mine included a child-free outing with my mom who was visiting from the States, so we left the boys in the care of a babysitter and comfortably ensconced (and belted) in their special booster seats with the movie Cars capturing their full attention and keeping them out of further trouble - or so we thought. Unfortunately, when the sitter's back was turned Ian managed to literally hop his plastic seat over to the computer desk and grab a pack of Sharpie markers. She thus found him happily painting his face, hands, and new pants a variety of permanent colors!

Soon after that she fed the boys lunch and put them in their cribs for naptime. I have to preface this third incident with the note that Ian's crib is within reaching distance of the clothes in the boys' closet. However, he had been doing really well at keeping his hands off this temptation in recent weeks. Not so on this day. While he was supposed to be sleeping he instead pulled the clothes which had been neatly washed, folded and put away just that morning, into a collosal mess on the bedroom floor. Needless to say, this was not a good choice!

So as you can see we have entered this new phase with a bang. I'll try to be sure and record some of these stories for posterity, and I choose to believe I will laugh at them someday ... like when my kids' own children are putting them through hair-raising days such as this one! :)

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sea salt MOSAIC said...

I can just sit here and shake my head in understanding. . .although, the face painting with Sharpies was carried out here in the recent past by a 9, 7, and 5 year old!