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Monday, October 25, 2010

An Airplane Ride

Later today, Ian and Alec will be boarding an airplane for the first time since they arrived home almost exactly nine months ago. Whenever I ask them, "Who wants to go on an airplane?" they both lift their hands in the air and shout "YES! A-plane! A-plane!"

I'm still not convinced they actually realize they'll be flying again, but their excitement warms my heart. I was a little concerned that they would get clingy or moody with the packing but so far the most they've questioned it was when Ian asked, "Where going, Mommy? Where going?"

I must admit my heart tightened a bit when he asked me that and I was for a moment flooded with memories of packing up to leave Haiti - not once, not twice, but three times packing my bags and saying goodbye to my precious little sons. Pedro assures me that the boys don't remember my leaving (because in truth they may not have even realized I was different than any other visitor that came their way during their lives at the orphanage.) But even so I wonder what they think when they see suitcases lined up once again.

The fact that they seemed nonplussed by the whole thing encourages me that they have fully settled in with our family and that their hearts truly call this home. I love that. Ironically the one with more "issues" might be me, as I recently had occasion to reflect on our whole journey with a visiting friend who was meeting our boys for the first time. Recalling all that we went through and all that the boys experienced reminded me of the miracles and joys but also of the burdens and heartaches. Sometimes I can hardly believe it all!

It is the stuff stories are made of ... And it is why I am thankful that the Author is One I call Father and Friend.

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kayder1996 said...

We flew to see my husband's brother after Kenson had been home 5 months. I too was worried about what memories that airplane ride might bring. But my worries were all for naught. Kenson was just excited to be on an airplane and had no reactions that indicated he was worried or anxious about adoption connected things.