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Friday, November 19, 2010

Alec & Owen

enjoying some big brother/little brother time

This afternoon Alec and I walked to Owen's school to pick him up from Kindergarten.

(Note: Picking up their big brother is always a highlight of the day for both Ian and Alec, but on this occasion Ian was invited to go downtown and run errands with Daddy. They ended up in the middle of a protest march and had quite an exciting time themselves!)

But back to this story ... As Alec and Owen walked home hand in hand, Owen expressed how much he likes his little brother. More specifically, he announced: "I like Alec because I think he matches me!" When pressed for further explanation, he told me that he thinks his skin tone and Alec's are the most similar in the family. Lately this is very important to Owen so I guess I'm glad he feels this connection!

As a result of their "bonding moment" the two boys had a great time together with just the two of them at home for awhile longer. Ice cream and cartoons topped the to-do list. I snapped this picture as they went to town on popsicles and enjoyed one another's company. A "sweet" moment to remember! :)

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