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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Need Some Lovins'

This morning Alec was leaning eagerly against the inside of his crib, watching and waiting for his turn as I first diapered and dressed his brother. Suddenly he announced to Ian, "I need some lovins'!" To which Ian immediately jumped up, ran to the crib and flung his arms around Alec's neck.

The two of them giggled with their arms wrapped around one another as if holding on for dear life. Finally they let go and Ian returned to me for his shoes. But no sooner had he turned away from the crib then Alec announced again, "I need some lovins'!" and the process was repeated once more.

This happened three times before the business of getting Ian dressed was finally done, and I had to laugh every time. I've never seen the boys do this before, even though I know exactly where they learned it. I often tell my kids, "Mommy needs some lovins'!" and almost always I will have someone immediately in my arms and hugging my neck. Those are the most precious moments of my day.

It is so sweet to me that the boys are learning patterns of affection and brotherly love! It is such a far cry from the fighting, biting, pinching and hitting that would take place when they first came home one year ago. They are now best buds with one another, and affectionate with their older siblings as well.

There's nothing like a houseful of lovins'.

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