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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nearing the End

As I mentioned in a previous post, my intention is to bring this blog to a close at the one-year anniversary of Ian and Alec's homecoming. Already I feel some nostalgia at the thought of doing so but Pedro and I agree that it is time ... we are a complete family now and it is fitting that Ian and Alec make the move to our family blog instead. :)

In preparation for closing this chapter I decided today to return to the very beginning. I was truly startled when I stared at the date of the very first post: January 12, 2008. Two years to the day before the foundations of the earth shook the tiny island nation that held two precious boys God had chosen for our own.

Only God knew at that time who our sons were and what our path held in store. I am so thankful He spared us the details at the outset or I know my faith would have failed me. Instead, it was He who was faithful and carried us each steady and often painstaking step to our adoption journey's end.

It is my deep desire to create a book from this blog, one that holds within its covers the complete saga of God's sovereign story as it was written in our lives and those of our Haitian sons. So if anyone has first-hand experience with creating blog books, let me know! It will be a lifelong treasure and reminder of God's grace for our family.

I know I am getting ahead of myself here ... but as I've looked at past posts and read the kind and encouraging comments on many of them, I have to say "thank you." Thank you to those who have faithfully walked this road with us. Thank you to those who shared the anticipation and the disappointments, the thrills and the sorrows, and the unimaginable miracles along the way. Your prayers meant everything to us! - and God heard them.

We see the proof every day. :)


Erin said...

awww, i'm slightly sad to see this go. even though i haven't been with you along the way my spirit has been! i remember our long talks in texas about "baby Ian" i remember all the steps you took along the way and praying for you and the boys! i'm so glad you are a COMPLETE FAMILY steph!! it makes me smile everytime i see them! miss you and can not wait to meet those boys one day!

Terri Fisher said...

As long as the escapades of my two little nephews make it to the family blog, I'm okay with this! On my dashboard page I've seen something about making a blog into a book...have you seen that?

yellowgirl said...

i have followed your blog and enjoyed it so much. also useful in terms of connecting was the blogroll you had- it led me to many wonderful people. hope you continue those links in your new blog! blessings.