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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Postscript Two: Pictures

My "postscript" series is on hold temporarily as we are seeking to legalize the boys' new birth certificates for use in Chile upon our return. So far they have received a state seal from Delaware and currently - we hope and pray - their certificates are in the hands of the US Department of State for their sign and seal. Once that is completed, we must send their birth certificates to the Chilean consulate in Philadelphia for their legalization. The final few steps take place in Chile and most likely we will wait until January to get those accomplished. We are required to get another stamp at the Ministry of Exterior (thankfully, this one is free) and then official translations at the same office (unfortunately, these are NOT free.) Last but not least, we submit their super-stamped birth certificates to the Civil Registry office in Chile in order to receive official Chilean birth certificates (which state that the boys were born overseas so I've never quite understood the significance, but oh well!)

So while we wait for the next chapter in this series I leave you with a few beautiful snapshots taken of my little guys this week. Ian is in the blue sweatshirt and Alec is in the yellow. They are absolutely LOVING the warmer weather and especially the enormous yard God has provided for us during this first half of furlough in Michigan. :) 

my two 4-year olds

brothers and best buds

hanging out at the barn

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Naomi said...

Beautiful boys! Thanks for "stopping by!"