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Friday, May 16, 2008

A Gift

The gift I am going to mention is probably not the one you immediately thought of when reading this title.

It is not a financial one. It isn't even something that truly belongs to me. But it feels like a gift, a special blessing from God, at this point on our adoption journey.

"It" is my new niece.

She was born on Friday, May 9th and I had the privilege of witnessing her birth (the first time I have ever been present in a delivery.) Since then, I have been with her at least every other day as I try to help my sister with her other children and little tasks around the house while my kids are at school.

Holding my niece fills my arms which would otherwise be aching at missing these beautiful first weeks and months of my boys' lives. Because I love, love, LOVE the first days and weeks of a new baby's existence! When it seems like all that matters is just holding them as they sleep and looking at their little, beautiful faces that change with every passing day. When their tiny cries and "meows" sound so precious and sweet. When a little head nestles into the crook of your neck and you can feel their warm, soft breath on your skin.

I wish that I could have these moments with my boys. But I know that is not possible, beyond a short one-week visit within the next few months. (We will have to cram all the holding and loving we can during that short timeframe!) So for now, I am just thankful for a little baby to hold ... and she is an awfully cute one, too!

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