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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Sacrifice of Love

So many tears, so many prayers
Have brought us to this place …

So many hopes and dreams come true

As we hold him in our embrace.

Mere words cannot express
The joy that fills our heart

At this answered prayer – and all because
You chose to play a part

In protecting life, in giving life
To a tiny, helpless child …
Your sacrifice of love, we know
Is the reason Heaven smiled.

We promise you we’ll cherish him,
And fill his days with joy.

He’ll know the fun of sisters’ love,
Of special times and toys.

But more than this, we promise you
We’ll raise our son to know
The sacrifice of love you gave
That he might live and grow.

We’ll also teach our son each day
Of an even greater Love,
That He might know the saving grace
Of Christ, and God above.

It will be our daily prayer
That someday you might see -
This child that you entrust to us …
A man of God he’ll be.

I wrote the above poem as a gift to our son Owen's birthmother in 2005 ... as I looked at the pictures we received recently of our little sons in Haiti with their beautiful birthmothers, I thought it appropriate to share these thoughts today.


Mark and Rebekah said...

what a beautiful poem! you are so talented!!

Pep said...

What a beautiful poem! And what touching photos of the boys with their birthmothers!!!!!!
Oh Stephanie, I am so emotional for you!!!!!

Erin lee said...

hey the boys are looking so great! and there birthmothers are so gorgeous. so many emotions must run through you as you see those pics. can't wait for you to hold your 2 boys!