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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Little Updates Mean So Much

I forgot to share this update from the adoptive mom who took Alec's recent pictures. Every little contact means so much along this journey ... that is one of our fun challenges for this trip, to take pictures of other families' children just as they have of ours. I don't want to let anyone down because I know how I wait with bated breath for pictures of our boys when anyone travels!! I just hope it all works out. Anyway, the update:
Stephanie, me olvide de decirte que estuve un poquito con Ian, un
dîa lo traje adonde yo estaba , es hermoso, le hablas y se sonrie, se
mueve, se expresa con todo su cuerpo. Con Alec solo estuve un
ratito corto, estaba impecable, recien bañado y cambiado con sus
botitas negras
And translation:
Stephanie, I forgot to tell you that I was with Ian for a little bit, one day I brought him to where I was staying, he is beautiful, you talk to him and he smiles, he moves, he expresses himself with his entire body. I was only with Alec a short while, he was impeccable, recently bathed and changed with his little black boots.

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