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Friday, October 3, 2008

Haiti - City Sights

These are just a few shots I managed to take one day while bouncing along in the pickup truck with one of the babies on my lap. I wish I could have taken more and better photos but even pictures probably wouldn't do justice to the sights we saw ... people bathing in the streets, hogs snorting through garbage on a street corner, little children walking alone or in pairs among the busy crowds and some children no older than my own carrying heavy buckets of water up dirty mountain roads. I especially would have loved to take pictures of everything people carried on their heads - I remember one woman balancing a huge plastic bowl containing dozens and dozens of carefully arranged bananas and some men carrying heavy, tall bags filled with something (potatoes?) on their heads. One woman had a huge bowl filled with what appeared to be packets and boxes of medicines, all carefully arranged in layers and I could not figure out how they did not all come tumbling down as she balanced it on her head while walking across the uneven streets!

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Mary said...

just found your blog. we are adopting from Haiti as well. God bless you on this journey!!