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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Unwanted (Bump)

I wrote the post below on October 26 and know that many hearts were touched by Jn Renold's suffering. Now his suffering is no more ... as Licia wrote today in sharing about his death:
I do not believe that God sent Jn Ronald to suffer, starve to death, and be unwanted and unloved. But I do believe that He loved HIm and thought enough is enough lets just bring him on up here with us. I believe my mom was there welcoming him in to heaven showing him around and loving on him…loving him like he needed to be loved here on earth.
Clicking on the highlighted link will take you to Licia's complete post. Please be aware that there are some difficult photographs as well. At the close of the post, she shared Psalm 138:7-8 (verse 8 is my life verse) and a beautiful quote from Henry Ward Beecher:
Living is death; dying is life. On this side of the grave we are exiles, on that, citizens; on this side, orphans, on that, children; on this side, captives; on that, freemen; on this side, disguised, unknown; on that, disclosed and proclaimed as the sons of God.

How does it feel to be unwanted ... unwelcome ... unloved ... at merely two years of age? Licia told the story of this little boy on her blog and my heart just aches for all that he has suffered and continues to suffer:
This is Jn Renold. He is 26 months old and weighs 16.8 pounds. He is suffering from Kwashiorkor. His step-mother brought him to the clinic on Tues. His mother died when he was 2 months old. His dad now has a new wife. She does not want to take care of him. She took Jn Renold to her new husbands mother. She has been taking care of him for over a year. I asked how long he has had his red fussy hair. She said since he was a baby. This is the second time he has had Kwashiorkor. In filling out papers and talking to the step-mom I learned that he has had 5 other sibling that have died. There are 3 others that are living. When I asked her what the 5 children died of she said they all died from Kwashiorkor. I asked her if she knew that he had a higher chance on dying than living. She said yes.


blessedfamily said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I was going to blog about the same thing!! I feel just awful for this little boy. If she doesn't want him, I'll surely take him!

Kathy said...

That's sad. I wish it were so expensive and complicated to adopt. I have more empty beds. Send him my way. I want them all.