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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Update to School Collapse

The death toll has risen to 75 ... Lori in Haiti wrote the following:
There are still some alive. We heard on the radio that there is one professor with three students by him - all trapped. One of the children is close to death, but the others are not too bad....if they can get to them in time. One mom lost all 6 of her children. Another, four. Our mechanic's good friend was a teacher there. They pulled him out, but he later died at the hospital. They are still hearing people crying and calling out. They are still pulling people out alive, but many, many people are dead. Please keep all of the students, staff, and families in your prayers.
And as another adoptive mom shared on her blog:
Going to school is very costly. Many children don't get this opportunity. This is a devastating blow since it takes great effort to find money to even send their children to school. Parents cling to the hope that their children's education will make it possible for their kids to break free from the bondage of poverty.

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Kathy said...

Wow. My heart goes out to those parents. You do your best and strive for them to get a good education and then something like this happens. Especially the one with six children. I cannot imagine.