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Monday, December 1, 2008

New Pictures of Ian

I received several pictures of Ian from a visiting adoptive family tonight. Thank you, Erin! I can't express how much this means to me, especially on the week of his first birthday which I am heartbroken to miss. He looks longer and older and more filled out in this picture, I think. But as handsome and beautiful as ever! Erin's husband is holding Ian in the photo. According to her e-mail:
He was so moved by him and couldn't get over how happy
he was. He said if Ian wasn't "spoken for" that he would
have adopted him on the spot! He told [our adoption coordinator],
"You have got to get this little boy home."
To that last sentence, as my friends in Scranton used to say, "From your mouth to God's ears!" Please Lord, so be it!!


Tracy said...

He is beautiful!!! We need to get them all home...

Kathy said...


Amanda said...

Amen to that! He is super cute, Stephanie. They both are. Hang in there this week.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome! We all need to support one another. Tracy is right too. The kids all need to get home.


alejandra said...

hace mucho q no entraba a tu blog, que lindo q esta Ian, felicitaciones!!!
un abrazo
alejandra y christ