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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Update on Ian

We received a short but sweet update on Ian today. He finally has his first tooth (yes, at one year old!) It's a top tooth. By the way, can you tell that any and every bit of news is precious to us? :)

We also learned that his birthmother was hospitalized due to a car accident, which is why they were unable to locate her previously. She has agreed to come in for the interview when it can be re-scheduled - please pray for her continued recovery, and that this interview could be completed very soon!


Kathy said...


Bill and Christina said...

Hi Stephanie,
So glad that you stop by and commented on my blog and I glad that my words today ministered to you. That is the reason I blog. Hope that you stop by more often and we will keep in touch!

JenD said...

i have recently reconnected with Pedro through FaceBook and saw your blog and story. We were at CMU in the 90's. I'm just another sister in Christ praying for your adoption. what a great story.

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