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Saturday, January 24, 2009


A month ago I wrote a post entitled "Appointments and Advocates." In it, I expressed my heartfelt wish for
someone whose heart is specifically touched by two precious little boys headed to their forever home in Chile ... someone who will go over and above on their behalf
and at the time I was thinking in terms of someone who would make a difference in their paperwork moving forward. But the Lord impressed upon my heart that He recently sent two advocates on my boys' behalf for a different reason: to recognize the needs of one of my sons and cause a positive change to happen on his behalf.

I learned that it was due to Emma and Lynette that Ian is being moved, because during their time with him they observed how small and thin he still is and the manner in which he was/wasn't being cared for properly. This may not seem like much, but in the past two weeks alone two children have died (in other Haitian orphanages) before their parents could get them adopted and home to health and safety. These are just two I know of; two who had families waiting; two of so many Haitian babies who deaths simply go unnoticed.

I still wish I could do more. I long to be able to hold my sons. I worry about their safety. But I am so thankful that God has shown me once again that He answers prayers - not always in the way I expect, but always in the way I truly need.


Salzwedel Family said...

Praise God for answered prayer!

Gods Love said...

God has put your boys on your heart for a reason. After going I really understood and can see the bigger picture of what God has burdened you for. I felt like we had no choice but to stand up and ask for change. Knowing Barb and not knowing how she would react it was worth the risk and I am glad she just responded the way she did. Lets pray good health for this little guy. We fell in love. There was one more person to give credit. Mariana! She spoke too. She is a neat person and I am glad to have met her.
All Gods love!