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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I had the opportunity to speak with our adoption contact in Haiti today. It was good to get a first-hand update but the news was rather disappointing. In a nutshell:
  • Ian's birthmother did not show for (re-) scheduled interview on December 24.
  • Our file is stuck in IBESR along with families who have biological children. Apparently the director has not been signing files (biological or otherwise) at all recently. It was hoped that a January 15 meeting between her and President Preval would produce results, but nothing so far.
  • Ian is going to be moved to another creche because it has been observed that he is not receiving the best care with his current nanny. His new nanny will be American - maybe he will learn some English. :)
  • The last week of March would be the best time for me to visit.
Please keep praying ...


Melissa said...

Oh, Stephanie, that is discouraging. What will they do about his birthmother not showing. Praying for a miracle, we know that God can do anything.

Emma said...

You don't know what good news that is about David being transfered!! I kept stealing him away to give him A LOT of attention. And, I told him you know your mommy Stephanie really loves you! Emma

dreamingBIGdreams said...

Praying that your files MOVE soon!

Amanda said...

I guess we're stuck in there with you. I wish they would go CRAZY with a pen man...crazy with a pen. SIGN US OUT ALREADY!!!

Until then, I guess I'm hanging out in no man's land with you, my friend. Hang on!

Paige Mann said...

Hang in there! Your kids are beautiful!