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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update to News

Several of the adoptive moms who have been to the new creche where Ian will live have encouraged me that is it a wonderful place. One of the moms who visited this past week wrote:
Stephanie it is wonderful more like a house situation for him. A big huge living room with lots of room to crawl without getting so dirty. this is where Hannah is at and the nannies are good. I am so happy for [Ian] you have no idea. Praise God ... Now [Ian] is where he is supposed to be.
I feel relieved that he will be in good hands! Tonight I have also found myself crying sorrowful tears that he has not known the love that we have for him and wish for him these past months. If only both he and Alec could both be home with us forever ... if only ... please keep praying!!

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Rebekah Hubley said...

Praying for peace as you guys go through all of these transitions!!! Aren't all of your children adopted??? I was just wondering, because your file should not be held up... but, this is Haiti...