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Saturday, March 21, 2009


I am sorting through clothes for my Haiti trip right now. It's so sad to pull out a number of outfits I had planned to use for the boys, only to find that they are too small now. I know it's just "stuff" and I'm thankful that I have other clothes that will fit them ... I just wish the months were not slipping away and with it so much of their babyhood ...


Vashti said...

I bet that you are getting excited! you could take the clothes that wont fit them and give them to the orphanage and then at least they will get good use. I went through all my boys stuff and donated it all the the orphanages that joe and Jesse came from, it was a huge blessing and for me it was a good way of cleaning out with out throwing away all those special clothes. I also had a ton of items that they never got to wear.
Dont be sad about them growing and you missing out. You will soon have them inyour arms and that will be all that matters. I am praying for you trip and those scrummy boys of yours.
God Bless.
V x

Jaime said...

I stumbled across your blog and love it. Congrats on the 2 handsome little men that are joining your family! We are adopting 5 year old twins from Haiti... I understand the hurt of watching them grow from a distance. We purchased clothes on clearance at the end of last summer hoping the kids would be home this summer... it's not going to happen :( I know they will be home someday though, and I look forward to those days with so much anticipation! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Haiti! God Bless!

Touprelakay said...

I love to read your blog and wish you a great trip to the boys.
Hope it wil speed up so you'll be together for ever very soon.

God Bless,
Marianne de Gier, The Netherlands
Mom of Francesca, Bresma