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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Update: We got a short but sweet e-mail from our adoption coordinator that said "all went well." Music to our ears!! I should clarify that this appointment is on the US side of the adoption. It does not directly affect the Haitian side. However, having the appointment take place early in the process through the Orphan First program is supposed to eliminate the risk of having an adoption legally granted by Haiti but then having the children denied visas for the States (because they don't meet the US orphan guidelines.) And even though it does not directly affect the Haitian side, this early investigation can only take place in the first stages of the Haitian process so we are hoping and praying that perhaps God was only allowing the delay for this reason and that now (as one comment said) the "dam would break" and He would cause us to fly through the remaining steps!!

We learned via an e-mail from Ian's nanny that his birthmother did arrive for her appointment! What we don't know yet is how the appointment actually went. We'll post an update when we know more. Thank you SO much for praying! We are very excited that at least some forward movement has taken place. :)


Bill and Christina said...

Praise God! I am so very happy for you! I am praying that the process speeds up!

Camille said...

Oh thank you Heaven!! Still praying!

Terri Fisher said...

Yeah! Praise God!

chilemommom said...

Another answer to prayer! We seem to be getting a lot of them recently. PTL