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Friday, March 6, 2009

Why I Can't Wait to Go to Haiti

I just finished watching the most adorable video of half a dozen toddlers having a "jam session" at the orphanage where Ian and Alec live. (It makes me wish that Owen could tag along and join in! He would probably have a blast hanging out with forty kids for a week.) I'm starting to get excited not just about seeing the boys, but about interacting with the people (big and small) who are a part of their daily lives right now. It will be a gift to be able to share that with them when they are older!

Of course, the best two reasons why I can't wait to go to Haiti are right here:

Ian with a full tummy (and then some!)

Can't wait to pinch these cheeks again!


Vashti said...

Love the spaghetti on the tummy! and I would LOVE to pinch those cheeks aswell!
Both so scrummy!

Terry said...

What precious pictures....And love that spag....mmmmmmmmm!