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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Journal Excerpt: Monday, April 6

Goodbyes are never fun, even for a short while. But it is a sweet blessing to have a circle of loved ones to whom it matter whether you come or whether you go.

Hugs goodbye, whispered promises, little faces behind the glass - the kids and Pedro were there to see me off at the airport today.

And for a brief but special while in Santiago, my sister and my dear friend were there to say hello and keep me company. *Ang, thanks so much for making a long bus trip just to spend an hour together to catch up on the last three years! Jenn, thanks for the last visit before taking off for the States. I love you both!*

Angie and me

Angie, me and Jenn

LAN showed more heart than Copa today; the latter charged $50 for overweight baggage despite the majority being orphanage donations. The grumpy money changer lacked heart, too! - but here I finally am, waiting to board my flight to Haiti and to my boys. Thank you, Lord.

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