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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Every piece of news about my boys is precious to me ... Today, I received an e-mail from another adoptive mom with the stories below. Thanks to Stephanie for making my day!

Hi Stephanie!
I talked to LaWanna tonight. She said the boys are doing great! She told me a couple funny stories about them!
Ian says "mamamama" and looks at her and then she says "mama's at home. who am i?" and he says "nana" !!! So cute!
Alec was kind of crying the other day and she went to check and Ian had him pinned on his stomach and David was on his back, bitting his diaper!
She said they are really bonding and Alec really coming out of his shell and developing a personality.
She's having a ball with them!
hope your having a good night and this little news makes it better. i know its bitter/sweet.
take care,

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