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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time for a Picture

I've been meaning to post this one for awhile. It was taken Easter Sunday, and I wish I had gotten a better shot of the boys in their matching clothes. But what I love about it is the four little roommates all lines up in a row, from left to right: Charlene, Sophonise, Alec and Ian. Four little cuties.

Today I had a very enlightening talk with an adoption attorney in Delaware about the process of re-adopting the boys when the time comes. Please pray for wisdom to discern the proper steps and timing, because while the process of re-adoption is not all that complicated the logistics as a result of living overseas can be a little tricky.

We also need to look into getting re-fingerprinted, which will require a trip back to Santiago soon. I need a few more details on that - does getting re-fingerprinted automatically renew your I-600? Or do you have to do a separate form as well? Can anyone enlighten me?

And finally, after ten months in IBESR and with so many steps still ahead, we have to begin planning for a homestudy update and all that entails while living here. At the risk of confusing you still further, our permanent residency in Chile could be okayed in the next few months and that could complicate things even more.

I know it is what I always ask, but it is what we truly need: your prayer. Thank you to so many who uplift and encourage us in this all-important way!


Vashti said...

Those are some of the cutest babies i have ever seen! Scrummy!

Carin said...

sweet picture... but how are you feeling? still praying.