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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update on the boys' files:

NO not yet. The new story is that [your lawyer] got two more out of the president's office so the [IBESR] director said she will do all eight at the same time. She said come for them Tuesday, but ... Monday is flag Day and no one will work till Wed. so the best we can hope for is Thursday.


Amanda said...

Wow. Things are so slow, there! LOL

I'm just full of hope for you, though! 8 Files!!??!?!? That's GREAT and surely your family is among them!

Vashti said...

aagghhhh! I can just feel your frustration! Im praying. Much love to you at this time. I pray God envelopes you in His peace.
Hang in there.

Carla said...

Hang in there mama! My heart aches for you and each excrutiating day that you are still separtated from your boys. It must feel like forever. This morning I found a photo of my last foster baby so I framed and put it on my piano. He's been gone almost 3 months but I still choke up when I think about him and wonder what his life is like now. Its amazing how a little child can have your heart in such a short amount of time together...even before you met your boys I know you loved them. They will come home soon.