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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Day

It is a HAPPY day when I get news from Haiti. Today it was a letter from LaWanna! Of course, I have to share it because it's too good to keep to myself. :)
Hi Stephanie,

I have a few minutes, so I thought I would write a quick note.

The boys are fine. They are teething and getting bigger. Ian eats well, but does not gain much weight. Ian is the boss around the house. Yesterday, Ian got excited over something that Sophonie was doing and he really told me about it. He shook his finger at her and danced around the floor jabbering something. He really got excited. He acted as though I could understand what he was saying. He is such a joy, but his terrible two temper is showing. Alec is all over the place, never still. He is not walking, but that does not slow him down. Sometime he makes Ian's life miserable. If he want something Ian has, he will take the item or get a hold of Ian's clothing and jerk him over really hard. Ian will cry. Alec tries so hard to be gentle with Sophonie and Charlene. He will be good for a few minutes and play with them, until he wants what the have in their hands. He will not hit those two girls, but Ian and Sarah have to watch out for him. He is also teething again.

Sarah is doing great. She has gained weight again and really is eating well. Sophonie is getting so big. She doesn't seem to over eat, but her food goes to fat. Charlene is doing great. Sophonie and Charlene are all over the floor crawling and scooting around. They are very inquisitive and search for things to get into. They like to get under the bed in the living room. We have a lot of little rug rats on the floor now.

We have another little girl, l month old. She has been with us for about 5 days and loves to stay awake all night.

Susan, a 63 yr old lady from CA is with me now. She loves the kids. She will be here until July 20.

Here are my plans at this time. To go home about July 23, for my family reunion and Indiana Haitian reunion, and return about Aug 3. Barb will have someone here to take care of the kids upstairs. I plan to stay in Haiti after I return in August until Nov. 4. Everything with me is subject to change!!!!! I was going to stay through until Nov. 4, but Barb thinks I should attend the reunions. I probably need a break and see family.

Can you imagine? It is not very easy to get volunteers for 7 kids upstairs. We will find someone!

I must go for now.

Love, LaWanna

PS - I would gladly volunteer to go watch the babies while LaWanna's gone if it means I can see my boys ... Anyone want to go with me?? I know, I'm dreaming. If only!! Just a little issue with $$$ and a hubby who might not want to see me go ...


cecilia said...

Que buenas noticias!!!!
Me alegra mucho que sigan juntos y con Lawanna.
Un gran abrazo

Deborah said...

So very very glad to celebrate with you, my Steph! Still praying... <3

Kathy's Korner said...

Oh that is exactly the kind of thing I would love to do some day!! I wish it could be now but like you money and family stuff says no for right now.

SOOO glad Lawanda can stay!!

stephanie said...

That'd be so great if you could go stand in for LaWanna. You'll have to pray for the $$. God is amazing!

Terri Fisher said...

What a great letter, Steph! So happy for you and Ian and Alec!