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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Medika Mamba ... Saving Lives in Haiti

What is it?
"Medika Mamba" is an energy dense peanut butter, significantly fortified with protein and nutritional supplements. The name Medika Mamba means “peanut butter medicine” in Creole. It is produced by an organization called Meds & Food For Kids (

This product is culturally accepted, very effective, and truly amazing. The Medika Mamba is also locally produced, which helps Haiti even more by providing many jobs in production and bolsters the economy and encourages agricultural development.

You can watch a YouTube video on Medika Mamba here.
Who is it for?
Initially Medika Mamba will be provided for malnourished children at the rescue center in the village of Cazale through the efforts of World Wide Village and Troy & Tara Livesay, missionaries to Haiti. Already the rescue center has seen several children "graduate" from the Medika Mamba program and the results are wonderful and unbelievable!

Licia wrote about one of their recent graduates today. You can read her story here.

How can you help?
Tara Livesay will be running the Twin Cities Marathan on October 4th to raise money through sponsorships for this program. They hope to expand the capacity and number of locations very soon. There are two other clinics currently being considered for Medika Mamba locations as soon as funds are available.

You can read about Tara's marathon and sponsorship opportunities here.

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