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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Dear Heavenly Father,

I picture my boys asleep in their cribs at this very moment, and I pray that You would grant rest and strength for their bodies for a new day. I think of what tomorrow will hold, their simple routines of eating and playing and sleeping and being, and I pray that in those simple routines they would find reassurance and contentment. I pray for Your watchcare over their bodies and minds and souls, and for Your superintendence over the changes soon to come in their lives as LaWanna returns to her home and family in the USA. Please Lord, keep them safe ... keep them together ... keep them happy and healthy and whole.

Please bring them home.

Please bring them home.

Please give us a miracle, Lord.

In Jesus' name ... Amen.

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Jewels of My Heart said...

Your boys are beautiful...
God's Speed