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Monday, August 31, 2009

Out of Parquet

Praising God this morning for news that we are out of Parquet! The e-mail said we are now in Foreign Affairs, and as usual I had to look up what that means and exactly where where we are in the process. The following is an detailed explanation from Vera's blog. These are the steps after IBESR and the step is bold is where we are currently:
Tribunal: Once the Adoption Authorization is issued, the entire dossier is taken to the Tribunal where all the dossier documents are evaluated for authenticity and the authorization to type up the adoption decree and judgment decree is given.

Parquet: The dossier and unsigned adoption and judgment decree are taken to the Parquet where the dossier is examined one more time. If all is found in order, the judge at the Parquet issues a letter of approval and the adoption decree and judgment decree are signed and stamped. The Parquet also legalizes the Court Declaration (Tribunal document).

Department of Justice: The adoption documents are submitted to the Department of Justice for further authentication.

Foreign Affairs: All adoption documents are submitted to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for additional authentication.

Archive Office: At this point all adoption documents are submitted to the Archive Office where the documents are registered. The Archive Office issues an authenticity certificate that certifies all the adoption related signatures of the officials from the Tribunal, Parquet, Department of Justice and Foreign Affairs.

Notary: The notary looks over all the documents and the original power of attorney that the adoptive gave and determines that all the requirements have been met to present to dossier to the Immigration Office and Ministry of Interior to obtain an adoption passport approval. A fee has to be paid to the Department of Contributions (DGI). This receipt has to be submitted to the Immigration Office with the adoption related documents.

Immigration Office: The adoption dossier has to be submitted to the Immigration Office which in turn forwards the entire dossier to the Ministry of Interior.

Ministry of Interior: Once the dossier is brought via courier to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) from the Immigration Office, it is registered and all documents are examined by lawyers for mistakes or inconsistencies. An orphanage representative has to attend an appointment at MOI to verify all information on the documents.

... A letter of authorization is issued by the Director of Political Affairs to the Immigration Office that permits the issuance of an adoption passport for the adopted child. The adoption dossier and letter is sent back to the Immigration Office via courier.

Immigration Office: Once the file has returned from MOI, the orphanage representative collects the adoption dossier, fills out a passport form and passport photos of the adopted child for passport issuance.

... If the adoptive parents participated in the Adjudication Orphan First Program or applied for the I-600 in Haiti, the USCIS office in Haiti conducts the “orphan investigation”.


Anonymous said...

Praising the Lord with you! Will be praying you through the other steps, too! YAY!

- Heather Marie

Bill and Christina said...

Praise God!!! I am happy for you and your family.


Melissa said...

YAY!!! Praise God. It is wonderful to be able to mark off a step. Praying for the next steps to move very quickly!

Anonymous said...

Hooray!!!! I hope the next steps just FLY by!

kerri said...

What good news this morning!!!

Amanda said...

Praise God for your good news!!! Yay!

I just know we are in "Legalization" so I figure we're somewhere in there. :~)

Cheryl said...

FYI now Haiti is requiring parents to travel to go to the court date to proove you have been to see your children. We are jsut told this today and all other families in our agency too. I have been 3 times, my husband 2 to see our daughter, proof isn't enough for them... I hope you don'g have to but, check with your agency.
fellow adoptive mom TRYING to adopt our daughter for over 2.5 years

Kathy's Korner said...

Stephanie, is it at ALL a possibility that you could do what Cheryl said in Oct and bring them home??????

It is just so time!!!

Andrea Eldred said...

Great News! Praying the next steps move just as quickly!

Lena Wright said...

waaaaaahooooo! Forward movement in Haitian adoptions is ALWAYS encouraging! Thanks for sharing. Praying for the rest of the steps to fly by.

sea salt MOSAIC said...

Oh Stephanie. . . .I am so happy for you! I nearly burst into tears with joy and relief, this has been a long time in coming. Praise God for moving His hand in this!

BSC said...

Wow, I can't go on the computer for a couple of days and look what happens? Congratulations!!!! It's time for things to fly through to completion.