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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Big Kids

Lawanna's "big kids" are all coming to South America! Ian and Alec to Chile, and Sarah to Argentina. I can't wait to have a Haitian reunion in the "southern cone" someday!

Los "bebes grandes" de Lawanna todos viene a America del Sur! Ian y Alec a Chile, y Sarah a Argentina. Estoy ansiosa de tener una reunion Haitiana en el "cono sur" un dia!


Amanda said...

I don't understand the whole "parquet judge approval" thing if we have cleared parquet...will we still need it? I plan on asking our director.

Anyway...I think that it's SO STINKIN' Cool that we will be in Haiti at the same time! We'll stay at the Bethel House with Dr. Bernard, our director. We plan on having our I600 appointment during that time as well.

We'll fly in Oct. 6 and home again Oct.9.


cecilia said...

Sí esa reunión va a tener que ser, hay muchos por estas tierras. Siempre esperando que lleguen pronto a casa !!!