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Thursday, October 22, 2009

All About Alec - October 2009

At 18 months, Alec is finally walking on his chubby little legs, albeit he's somewhat wobbly (especially with shoes.) But when he does fall, it's usually backwards on his diapered tooshie so he doesn't sweat it too much.

The truth is that there's not too much he "sweats" except not getting fed (often and quickly) and some separation anxiety. For the most part he is fun-loving and cheerful. He is playful and loves to get a reaction from people, especially his brother. He has the greatest giggle, loves to be tickled and teased, and laughs at himself when he thinks he's gotten away with something!

Alec is a "bruiser," no doubt about it, and uses his extra bulk to his advantage when he wants his own way. I've seen him shove other kids, roll over on them, pull toys away and unfortunately on multiple occasions I've caught him biting - hard. (According to Lawanna, the biting seems to have started at the creche ... I think to him it's a big game sometimes.)

One of my favorite things about Alec is that beside being a big "bruiser" he is also a sweet snuggler. He loves to be held. I'm so glad at least one of my babies hasn't outgrown that yet! On this trip, Alec really took to his grandma and spent lots of time snuggling with her. I think she liked it, too. :)

Both boys like music and we've sung with them a lot on this trip, especially when we've needed to calm them (and sometimes ourselves) down. But Alec seems to have an ear for music and I've often caught him humming or singing softly to himself. It is sweet.

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Anonymous said...

Love reading about your day to day while in Haiti. Living vicariously through your posts today. I know how much you miss your boys. I miss them too and I'm not even their mama. I can't wait to see all the kids at Christmas, especially my little Mia.