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Thursday, October 22, 2009

All About Ian - October 2009

At 22 months old, Ian is a pistol, a bundle of energy all day long. He is too busy to be bothered with much in the way of holding and snuggling, although one night he let me hold him and rock him at length after his brother was sound asleep. He will also occasionally stop his running to climb up on my lap for just a second or to lay his head on my knee for a brief while.

For the most part, Ian is gentle and easygoing. He takes seriously his role of being the oldest in Lawanna's apartment. When one of the babies cries, he often gets a worried frown on his brow and tries to find a toy or something to soothe him/her. The sweetest thing I saw him do was with BNB one night. Ian had been resting against my legs when BNB started crying and Ian went over to him, tapped him, then came over and pointed to his spot against me as if to say "come over here, my mommy can make it all better." He did this several times and it was so precious.

Ian also knows his own mind, however, and definitely tested his limits of obedience with me. Most of the time he did not obey what I told him to do or not to do, although I am certain he understood. When I would act on what I was telling him he would often pitch a fit, throwing his body around with high-pitched squealing before finally going limp on the floor with his thumb in his mouth.

He can get really mad and a case in point was today when I stepped aside from feeding him for just a minute (to get a towel for his brother's mess) and Ian got so angry he threw himself around in the highchair and screamed when I tried to feed him again, refusing to eat for me. Lawanna had to feed him and he ate just fine for her!

But what I love about Ian is his infectious smile, his happy heart and sense of humor and adventure. I just cannot wait to see him with his brothers and sisters at home! Because Alec knows just how to push his buttons - and Ian squeals so loudly as to make it amusing for Alec to just keep torturing him - the two of them in some ways don't really play great together. But Ian loves to be around older kids ... so I have an idea he is going to love Eva and Isabel and have lots of fun getting into their "stuff!" Both Ian and Alec love male attention, so they are also going to love Daddy and big brother Owen.

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