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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Journal Entry: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 (continued)

(Tuesday morning) ... We picked Mirlande up at the creche and then, crowded with our bags into the pickup truck in early morning rush hour traffic, we jostled our way on rutted back roads to the airport to leave Mom. I didn't even get a chance to get out of the car for a proper goodbye but hugged her and thanked her and saw her safely in line as we drove off.

Lucian and Justin with the hardworking pickup truck

Next we went to the US consulate where we met two Haitian nuns with two young sisters who had a visa appointment for their adoption. I spent the next couple of hours waiting as Barbara took turns going to the window and going through the necessary steps (pictures, fingerprints, etc.) - even at one time "working" one window while Mirlande did the other! Meanwhile, Troy Livesay arrived bringing Jamie Ivey from the airport (her flight had been cancelled the day before) with paperwork verifying her prints were up to date for Story's paperwork, which is just waiting for visa.

After she saw the officer and visas were granted for the two other girls (to be picked up later that day) Jamie joined us in the pickup and we headed back to the airport to wait for her next ride to Cazale. I was dropped off with her to keep her company while Barb went to check on her vehicle in the repair shop.

with Jamie Ivey

Jamie and I had the chance to chat and then when Zach from Cazale (Licia and Lori's dad) arrived I was able to meet him and he was super kind and gracious and even put two and two together about who I was and invited me out to Cazale next time. I hope I can go one day.

Lucian returned with the truck to pick me up, then we picked up Barbara (whose car had one problem fixed only for another to appear) and I was given the choice of checking in early or going out to lunch. I chose the latter and found myself alone with Barbara at the Visa Lodge lunch buffet. We had a good chat ... and a yummy meal of Haitian chicken, rice and beans, beet salad and even homemade flan for dessert. Afterwards we waited in the semi-shade for the truck to return and finally, hot and sweaty once again, I was deposited at the airport to fight off half a dozen baggage handlers and get checked in.

One particularly persistent guy ticked me off; he took my bags off the x-ray belt without my consent and put them on a cart from which I promptly removed them and told him I did not want help. Then he followed me all the way to Copa giving unsolicited "guidance" and all the way to security where he roughly demanded a tip. Not being in the mood for his shenanigans I sharply retorted, "No! I told you I did not want help and I am not giving you a tip!" He looked mad but I quickly moved on, bought Pedro's coffee and soon enough was on the plane headed to Panama.

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Amanda said...

I wonder if that was the same guy who GRABBED our bags after we told him NO MONEY and took them in saying "I do for free!" and then once we were in Steve gave him a dollar and he STARED us down and said "THIS is not enough...Give me FIVE."

By then, I'd pretty much had it myself. Ugh. We just ignored him the rest of the time as he stared a hole in the back of our heads.

So cool that you met so many people along the way!