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Monday, October 19, 2009

Journal Entry: Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yesterday (Friday) morning started early with our usual rooster crowing and both boys awake before 6 a.m. We headed to Lawanna's around 7 a.m. and since most of the other American inhabitants of the village left on various errands around 9 a.m., Mom and/or I spent quite a bit of time at the apartment throughout the day. It gets a little chaotic there when too many of us visitors are there at once ...

At one point, Mom took the boys to our little house for a nap while I bathed and then spent a couple of hours helping Lawanna as best I could while Lacey was away.

For lunch yesterday, Lawanna doctored a big pot of rice from "Feed the Starving Children" and it was delicious - the boys loved it.

For dinner it was grilled cheese again, mostly because in a humorous miscommunication he will never live down, Lucian bought a whole block and a half of cheese (about $50 US dollars' worth) instead of just one-half of a block of cheese!

Mom and I headed home early while Justin set up his laptop in the ark so the kids could watch Spiderman after dark. Unfortunately it started to rain and I think the movie got cut short. Mom and I chatted long last night and one thing we chuckled about was what in the world the village kids with so little exposure to the outside world must think when they see Spiderman?? (And he's from the United States, where they are going to live??) LOL. :)

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