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Monday, October 26, 2009

Story's "Story"

In a beautiful post entitled "Bragging on My Sovereign God," Aaron Ivey shares details of just how God has moved and provided and perfectly orchestrated the timing and details of his daughter Story's homecoming from Haiti.

It encouraged and convicted me to read this, because as I mentioned previously the news of Story's illness so discouraged me ... yet God knew that she would become seriously ill with viral meningitis, and He allowed her papers to come through at just the exact time that she needed the special care she was unable to receive in Haiti.

I pray that I will be able to trust that my boys' paperwork, too, will come through at just the exact time He deems best. I pray that it will be soon! and yet I pray that my heart will rest in this same sovereign God and in his perfect timing.

1 comment:

Aaron Ivey said...

yes it is hard to trust - but I pray God continues to show Himself trustworthy to you... can't wait when we find out that YOUR boys are coming home!

thanks for posting this.. and thanks for praying!