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Thursday, October 1, 2009


A daily surrender is what I do need;
Moment by moment, God's Spirit to heed.
Father, forgive me and grant me Your grace
To keep on believing 'til I see Your face.

An impossible miracle is what I do ask;
Bringing them home is my greatest task.
Lord, only You can remove what impedes us!
Help me rely on Your Spirit who leads us.

God's written promise is what I do claim;
Time and again I cry out to His name.
For two who are prisoners of others' demands,
My children whose fate lies outside my own hands.

Hope, long-awaited, is what I do hold;
Lord, help my faith to grow and be bold.
Amaze us with wonders to bring our boys home,
And forever the glory will be all Your own!

-shg, 10/01/09

1 comment:

Terri Fisher said...

Praying for your miracle, sis!