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Friday, October 23, 2009

Update on Story

Just wanted to share a quick update on Story so you can continue to pray - this is from Jamie's FB status. For those who may not know, Story is almost two years old.

just talked to jamie - she & story are both at the PAP airport, ready to board their plane - please be praying for story as she's VERY lethargic, just sits & holds her head & won't put any weight on her legs at all, so jamie's got to carry her the entire way - she has a baby carrier that she wears, but even that, with 'dead weight', makes it extremely heavy - she said story's sleeping A LOT & it's really concerning her at this point - she's considering going straight to the ER tonight when she arrives home & having a DR look at story - she's calling me when she gets to miami, so i'll post then - thanks for the prayers!

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