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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Answered Prayers

Yesterday morning I wrote this on my Facebook status:

Friday ... the last day of the work week and I'm always holding my breath extra tightly. Will we hear word from Haiti today?? Please Lord, let it be.

Then, frustrated as usual by my powerlessness, I visited the websites of my state's congressmen hoping to find guidelines for writing to them and asking their assistance on our behalf. Within a half hour I had my letter written and printed and ready to fax - but decided to wait until Monday, just in case.

The day before my husband and I had joked that we were "engaging Murphy's law" on this adoption. Time was running out for us to make a final decision regarding an annual meeting we were required to attend in the capital city during the first week of February. Back when we'd expected the boys home in December, we had planned to drive the 27 hours and attend the meeting/retreat as a family. When it became apparent that the boys' homecoming would be delayed, we considered flying Pedro and the three older kids down but he was a little nervous about doing that alone. Finally we decided that the four of them would join our church teens headed to camp on an adventurous bus ride to the capital; then Thursday we decided to go ahead and purchase plane tickets for all five of us instead.

O ye of little faith! Now Pedro will most likely fly alone with the three children; we will eat the cost of one plane ticket; and I will stay home with the two little boys. But, we are perfectly happy! What seemed an impossibility has finally come true.

Many friends have asked what the next step is, or have expressed confusion because they thought this was the last step. There is one more step, which is the actual visa appointment and issuing of the boys' visas. Lord willing, we should receive an e-mail this coming week with the date of our visa appointment. We are praying that we would receive an appointment even this same week! If so, we could make travel plans as early as the week of January 18. It is in the Lord's hands and I will definitely update as details become available.

Today the five of us went out and made our first real purchase for the boys: car seats and high chairs. We were all so excited (well, except maybe Daddy who just kept seeing dollar signs!) Isabel was showing Ian and Alec's picture to the ladies at the checkout counter and Owen was running wild all over the store. I'm sure they thought we were nuts, but we didn't care! It just seems unbelievable that this is finally coming true. And that is something worth celebrating. :)

Meanwhile, my heart is even more burdened for friends we have made along this journey who are still waiting at various stages of their adoptions. Some are waiting for birthparent appointments to be rescheduled; others are waiting for DNA results; still others are dealing with clerical errors and human mistakes. I am praying fervently that God will open the floodgates for all of us and that there will be a great flux of forward movement so that all the children will come home to the loving arms of their forever families!


SQ said...

Stephanie I'm not usually on the computer on Saturday our Sabbath, but I just had to see if you had any new news! God is so good and faithful. Those boys will be home b4 you know it and your journey can truly begin! Lord release those boys in Jesus name! AMEN

Amanda said...

Oh Stephanie! I'm just head over heels excited for you.

We must have been thinking the same thoughts! In my Friday morning prayer time, I specifically prayed that another day wouldn't go by for your family and that you'd hear something. When you didn't post anything, when I was awake through the night (like I usually am nowadays) I was thinking of any congressmen/senators and if you had contacted them or not.

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to! In so many ways, YOUR movement gives others (including me) HOPE.

Thanks for sharing. We serve a great God.

Anonymous said...

I am so incredibly happy for you it brings tears to my eyes! It also gives me hope that things are moving along. Thanks for the updates, can't wait to hear more!
Lindsay Meadows

Lena Wright said...

excited for you. will continue to pray. thanks for your prayers on behalf of those of us waiting....

sheri wiebe said...

So happy for you!


Deborah said...

THRILLED, praising & praying!!! :)

Love you all, mon ami!!
Debs :)

Erin said...

Yeah!!!! Rejoicing with you in Nebraska :)

Carin, priceless child of God said...

How exciting... I am so happy for you all!!!

Kristy Kuenzi said...

Stephanie, It is great joy that I am writing you. We are so happy for you. Jason and I have lifted up your adoption everyday this week and all through out the days! God is sooooo Good to answer this prayer! It is so strange how a person cannot know someone and yet love them. That is how we feel about you and others adopting! I guess when you pray so hard for someone the Lord really binds the heart of the people you are praying for! I pray you get to go this week and not next!

Our adoption is under review. However they have found a mistake so I quess we will be waiting for a little longer. I don't believe the mistake is huge. Just a little set back. Please pray for us! God bless. So happy for you:)

Kristy Kuenzi

DotBlogger said...


Katy said...

Thrilled for you that your boys will SOON be on their way home....many thank yous for the prayers for those of us still waiting. I am approaching two years in process next month and not yet in Parquet. Also waiting for the birthparent interview. Your movement brings hope.