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Saturday, January 16, 2010


I'm signing off for most of the day. The latest word I have received personally or heard via news reports is in the posts below. The most important thing now is to pray and trust those who are working so hard on our situation. Very, very thankful for those caring for our children in the midst of this crisis.

Just two special prayer requests for other adoptive parents:

Sheri (Jayla's mom) wrote this via FB:
We learned late last night that the cisterns that holds the water at the orphanage were destroyed in the quake. Our girls have not had water for several days. Brian is in Haiti and is trying to get to them. Please pray that God will provide protection for this Godly man and enable him to reach our precious girls. Please pray that God will quench their thirst.
And the latest update from Julie, whose children are yet to be found:


Anonymous said...

Stephanie...praying for us all. I slept harder last night than in a while...just knowing I've done all I can do for now until they tell me to do more. It's exhausting.

May God bring them home to us.

Amanda said...

oops. that above comment was from me :~) My mom is here now and I'll have to remember to log out from now on.

I just felt like jumping on tonight and saying I really believe you'll have your boys soon. And that's exciting. I praise the Lord!

sea salt MOSAIC said...


I sent you an email, but wanted you to be sure to know


thank you for praying!