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Friday, January 29, 2010

Children Caught in the Middle

There is an organization in Haiti which claims to represent children's best interest but instead is anti-adoption and is using its clout to pressure the Haitian government. This same organization was responsible for the addition of numerous convoluted steps to the Haitian adoption process prior to the earthquake, which is why adoptions were taking 2-3 years in the first place.

There are news reports circulating of child trafficking for the selling of body organs, which has been "urban legend" for years. These reports present no evidence to back the accusations but serve to inflame and instill fear in people's hearts.

There have been stories of children arriving in the States only to be pulled from their parents' arms and sent to "refugee and resettlement" homes until the parents can prove the ability to support them during the next two years.

There are children separated from parents and parents separated from children because of foolish political wrangling. As I mentioned in this post, there are parents and children sleeping on the floor of the US embassy waiting for permission to leave. And according to Troy Livesay's Twitter today, President Preval and the US ambassador met but the Haiti Prime Minister did not show up ... Preval said these adoption cases 'not his jurisdiction.'

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Most importantly, please don't forget about the orphans of Haiti. Please don't stop praying. While life goes on for many of us, there are still hurting and broken families waiting for reunion. The children are caught in the middle ... pray that they can come HOME.

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Melanie said...

So so so Sad. I am praying and writing to our Texas Senator but I wish there was more that can be done. This is not right and adds to the tragedy the children have already suffered. Praying for God to bring home the children that have parents and children that are waiting for a forever family.