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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let Us Not Forget

In the midst of the excitement of our boys receiving visas, I do not want to forget so many other parents who are still fighting and praying for their own children to receive the same blessing.

I do not want to forget the missionaries who are still dealing with death, disease and devastation.

I do not want to forget the aid workers who are still searching through rubble in hopes of finding just one more survivor.

I do not want to forget the unclaimed, unnamed, unknown bodies who were once someone's brother, sister, father, friend.

Soon I will be posting updates to several situations I have shared earlier and new ones as they become known to me. Please continue to pray. As one missionary writes: "Don't forget about us even if the media is beginning to."

Let us not forget.


Anonymous said...

We all know that your hearts are with everyone in Haiti and all over the world that are awaiting news. I have been following your story and am so happy that your boys are beginning the final journey home to your loving hearts and arms. You are truly blessed to have them...cherish them always!

African Adventure said...

May God bless you as you share your love with your boys. 'Let us not forget' those suffering in the devastation and 'let us also celebrate' that which is being done by the grace of God. Blessings to you and your family ...