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Saturday, January 2, 2010

News from Haiti

Today I chatted with an adoptive mom from Germany who is in Haiti right now visiting her little girl. She filled me in on my boys and I copied some of what she shared in our chat in order to post it here. The little girl Sarah who is mentioned was pictured with Ian in this post. She left today to go home to her forever family in Argentina. I think my boys will miss their little playmate! Apparently the three of them loved to play hide-and-seek and get into mischief together.

Hi Steph! Brought Alec and Ian for daycare this morning!

They are sooooo cute!

They HAVE to go home soon. They need their Mommie!!!!

They are really cute!

Ian did not want to stay at daycare and cried...he should go home soon! We wait each day for the news!!!!

I ... saw today Sarah going home.

Made me cry because you go through the streets and see all the poorness around.

Every day new kids come ...

In a separate e-mail she shared how she felt seeing Sarah leave for home:
Hey to all of you!

I sit here crying, they were all smiling and happy! It is such a emotional moment. They are on their way to the airport and make it home. SARAH: have a nice first trip home. You have best Mama and I think you will enjoy your new life!!

I look forward to everyone of us will have this emotional moment!!! She was soooooo brave and behaving....she was so happy to have her Mama!!!!

So will all the kids be!

Who will be next? I hope Alec and Ian and M-- and....everybody!!


Amanda said...

Oh how I hope Ian and Alec are home before January is over! So excited for you because I know that it CAN happen. :~)

HMK said...

So sweet! I hope you hear good news soon Steph!! :)