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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

From Sarah's Mommy

This morning I was greeted at the computer by some new pictures of our boys! Many thanks to Sarah's mommy, who is now home in Argentina with her new daughter. I have loved reading about Sarah's first reactions to her new home.

The picture above makes me laugh; it is such a great example of the relationship my boys and Sarah shared as roommates in Lawanna's apartment! They were the three biggest kids and loved to play and tease one another. Sarah definitely knows her own mind and had no qualms about telling the boys how things were supposed to be. Her mom told me that when Sarah saw a picture of herself and Ian yesterday, she started squealing just as though he were still chasing her around the room. Too cute!

The picture of the two boys stuffing their little faces makes me smile. I'm glad they are healthy eaters (although, perhaps not everyone calls chocolate healthy?? Fortunately for them, their mommy does, ha!)

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