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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sweet Baby Boy

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SQ said...

I was just looking at your time line and we are pretty close in length. 09/23/09 I600 Appt in Haiti $670 to USCIS
10/19/09 Bio Parent interview USCIS
10/20/09 Out of MOI Justus Only-Requesting DNA
11/09 Not sure what day he got his passport --exactly this month but he has it as of 11/18
12/20/09 DNA tests done on both kids

So as far as I know we are waiting for results then to INS for I600 approval right? after that they get ready to come home.
Sorry if I sounded harsh or negative on my comment on FB.
Sometimes I can get so skeptical and cynical about the process. I guess I don't really trust what they tell me, so I try not to ask to many questions and just pray a lot knowing God will bring them home when we are ready for them. I was wondering if they'd ever come, but I've decided to go back to speaking words of FAITH and promise. THEY WILL COME HOME, Lord let it be soon for their sake. Amen and that is for both of us my friend. :) Emma