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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Post from the Village

Mandi is a nurse who had just arrived at the boys' home prior to the earthquake. She posted today about her experience. The baby room she is talking about is where our boys sleep and live. We do not know if they were there at the time of the quake or at the creche which we call their "daycare."
Just wanted to let you all know that we really appreciate all of the prayers. We are all safe here in the Village but unfortunately the houses surrounding us are gone. I can't even describe what went on during the earthquake. The only word I can say is TRAGIC!! I have never felt so helpless and close to death. When the earthquake started Carol and I were headed upstairs to the baby room to give them toys and heard a big "boom!". The first thing I could think of was, "I need to save the babies." I dove onto the ground and gathered every baby I could see as they were flying all over the room. I did get a few cuts and bruises but at least I am alive and the babies had absolutely no injuries. Carol stayed outside on the stairs and was holding onto the stair rail then after it subsided came in to the room. We were all in such shock. It felt like it lasted about 1 hour but only lasted about 4 min. After the earthquake I ran downstairs with all of the babies and we stayed out in the yard over night. I can't explain to you all of the damage. We have seen some horrible injuries and are doing our best to help. I have sewn up at least 6 bad lacerations. There was a man here today in the back of a tap-tap that had an ustable femur and tibia fracture with a significant amout of blood loss. He is a U.S. citizen but his passport and Visa are buried in his collapsed house. We have contacted family in the states and hopefully get him out soon. Please continue to pray for these people!!!!! There is no question in my mind that I need to be here right now and I am so grateful that I am here helping these desperate people.

I love you all!!!!!

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