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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update from Our Adoption Coordinator

We received a brief e-mail from our adoption coordinator. She asks that we wait for the visas. It sounds like there is a good possibility that things will start moving. I am trying to follow up on every lead to write/call senators, etc. etc. Prior to the tragedy we were already praying that GOD would open the floodgates for children to go home to their families ... now with the possibility of humanitarian visas, this could be a reality. Please pray that it would be so!

There are MANY organizations you can support in this crisis. Most (if not all) have expressed that their greatest need is financial donations so they can purchase what is available to them. Jamie Ivey posted an excellent list of ministries here:

If you would like to specifically help the orphanage where our boys live, you can do so at the following address. The monies will be deposited into an account that our adoption coordinator can access for immediate use:
Reach Out to Haiti, 168 Gutbrodt Rd. Melrose, NY 12121
Or, if you would like to contribute electronically you can do so via the ChipIn (Paypal) on Lacey's blog: (We have personally received a couple of Paypal donations on our blog these past two days and have forwarded those on to the village, but doing so on Lacey's page is more streamlined.)


Bill and Christina said...

Thank you for the update!

debra said...

God can do what we cannot imagine...

-kate- said...

Please dear God let it be so!!!